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Learn Arabic Alphabet

Arabic belongs to the group of languages, which are written from right to left. The Arabic alphabet has 29 letters. There is no capital or small form distinction in Arabic. All of these letters are consonants. There are vowels in Arabic, which give specific sounds to these consonants. However, this unit is about learning consonants. Arabic vowels will be discussed after learning consonants and consonant combinations.

This course is designed for English speakers and absolute beginners. The first unit and its subunits are about learning the Arabic alphabet, sounds of individual letters, changes in letters’ pronunciations with the help of vowels, and sounds of consonant combinations.

  1. Arabic letters
  2. Arabic script writing

1. Arabic letters

Following is the Arabic alphabet pronunciation (i.e. the names of letters in the Arabic script). Then we will learn sounds of Arabic letters (i.e. how actually a letter sounds in a word).

Arabic alphabet in English
Text direction
Arabic alphabet pronunciation
Text direction
Alif ا
Baa (bāʾ) ب
Taa (tāʾ) ت
Thaa (thāʾ) ث
Jeem (jīm) ج
Haa (ḥāʾ) ح
Khaa (khāʾ) خ

Dal (dāl) د
Zaal (dhāl) ذ
Raa (rāʾ) ر
Zaa (zāʾ) ز
Seen (sīn) س
Sheen (shīn) ش
Saad (ṣād) ص
Daad (ḍād) ض
Taa (ṭāʾ) ط
Zaa (ẓāʾ) ظ
Ein (ʿayn) ع
Ghein (ghayn) غ
Faa (fā) ف
Qaaf (qāf) ق
Kaaf (kāf) Kaaf can be written in two ways
ك ، ک
Laam (lām) ل
Meem (mīm) م
Noon (nūn) ن
Wow (wāw) و
Haa (hāʾ) ه / ﻩ
Hamza ء
Yaa (yāʾ) ي

2. Arabic script writing

To learn and practice Arabic writing, you can use our tracing workbook. This workbook is designed according to lessons on this website, but can also be used without the website's assistance. Please see the below preview pages.

Arabic letter kha
Arabic letter ta
Arabic letter kha

Arabic connecting letters practice book

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