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Basic Arabic Grammar

Till now, we have learned how to read Arabic words. The next step is to learn the basics of grammar. In this section of basic grammar, we will discuss parts of speech, singular and plurals forms of the noun, gender, declension of nouns in grammatical cases, nouns that remain indeclinable or decline partially, and Arabic definite article.

An overview of basic Arabic grammar

  1. Arabic parts of speech
  2. Arabic phrases and sentences

Noun in Arabic grammar

  1. Classification of Arabic noun
  2. Characteristics of Arabic noun

Gender in Arabic

  1. Introduction to gender in Arabic
  2. Characteristics of Arabic feminine nouns
  3. Arabic gender chart
  4. Masculine nouns with ة
  5. Nouns with common gender
  6. Feminine gender formation from masculine
  7. Vocabulary building
  8. Exercise

Dual in Arabic Grammar

  1. What are dual nouns in Arabic?
  2. How to make Arabic dual nouns?
  3. Examples of dual formation
  4. Examples of dual nouns in Arabic

Plural nouns in Arabic

  1. Types of plural nouns in Arabic
  2. Sound plural in Arabic
  3. Broken Plural in Arabic
  4. Arabic terminologies for plurals
  5. Examples of Arabic sound masculine plurals
  6. Examples of Arabic sound feminine plurals
  7. Arabic broken plurals list

Arabic Grammatical Cases

  1. What are grammatical case?
  2. How many cases does Arabic have?
  3. How to recognize the grammatical case in Arabic?
  4. Grammar cases of Arabic duals
  5. Grammar cases of Arabic plurals
  6. Summary of the lesson
  7. Arabic cases chart
  8. Arabic cases chart with examples
  9. Exercise

Arabic Definite Article

  1. Definite article اَلْ
  2. Arabic definite article rules
  3. Exercise
  4. Hamza tul wasl همزة الوصل
  5. Rules of Hamza wasl

Arabic word patterns

  1. What are Arabic word patterns?
  2. Exercise
  3. Arabic root words

Arabic Indeclinable Nouns

  1. What is an indeclinable noun?
  2. Types of the declinable noun (مُعْرَبٌ)
  3. Which nouns are غير منصرف ?
  4. Exercise


Arabic has two types of sentences:

  1. Nominal sentences are verbless sentences.
  2. Verbal sentences have verbs.

Phrases are simple constructions that help in complex sentence buildings.
Arabic phrases or phrasal constructions have several type, i.e.

  1. Adjectival phrases,
  2. Possessive phrases,
  3. Prepositional phrases,
  4. Conjugational phrases, and
  5. Demonstrative phrases.

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